IUVM Archive - English www.iuvmarchive.com IUVM Archive - English English for yemeni children Video,Video Clip,Major Case,human rights,Yemen War,united nations,Case By Country,Republic Of Yemen Yemen,war,children,kids http://iuvmarchive.com/en/post/for-yemeni-children 17 November, 2018
Amal Hussain, a seven-year-old Yemeni girl, who had very severe conditions of weakness and hunger; eventually could not resist and died… Video,Video Clip,Major Case,human rights,Yemen War,united nations,Case By Country,Republic Of Yemen Yemen,children,hungary,human right,war,genocide,un,unicef http://iuvmarchive.com/en/post/amal-hussain-a-seven-year-old-yemeni-girl-who-had-very-severe-conditions-of-weakness-and-hunger-eventually-could-not-resist-and-died 17 November, 2018
I challenge you to put your son's photo here Graphical Images,Poster,Major Case,human rights,Yemen War,united nations,Case By Country,Republic Of Yemen Yemen,war,hungary,children,world http://iuvmarchive.com/en/post/i-challenge-you-to-put-your-son-s-photo-here 14 November, 2018
Yemen faces the triple threat of war, disease +hunger. Now, one civilian is dying every three hours. Graphical Images,Poster,Major Case,Yemen War,Case By Country,Republic Of Yemen Yemen,war,civilian,hungary,saudi,ksa,saudi arabia http://iuvmarchive.com/en/post/yemen-faces-the-triple-threat-of-war-disease-hunger-now-one-civilian-is-dying-every-three-hours 14 November, 2018
The Gaza Strip resistance escorted the Israeli night guests with 200 ballistic missiles Video,Video Clip,Major Case,Palestinian,Sub Case,World Quds Day,Case By Country,State Of Palestine palestine,quds,islam ,Gaza,rockets,israel http://iuvmarchive.com/en/post/the-gaza-strip-resistance-escorted-the-israeli-night-guests-with-200-ballistic-missiles 14 November, 2018
The chain of normalizing relations with Israel on the neck of the Arab regimes Text,Article israel,arab Emirates,Arab countries,quds http://iuvmarchive.com/en/post/the-chain-of-normalizing-relations-with-israel-on-the-neck-of-the-arab-regimes 13 November, 2018
The rings of the chain of normalizing relations between Arab regimes and the Israeli regime are increasing day by day;]]>
What are the Saudi and Emirati goals behind the onslaught of al-Hudaydah in Yemen? Text,Article,Major Case,Yemen War,Case By Country,Republic Of Yemen Yemen,war,Hodeidah,ksa,saudi,saudi arabia,usa,uk,american,united states http://iuvmarchive.com/en/post/what-are-the-saudi-and-emirati-goals-behind-the-onslaught-of-al-hudaydah-in-yemen 13 November, 2018
Three years and eight months have passed since the start of the Saudi and Emirati aggression in Yemen, on the pretext of returning Mansur Hadi, he resigned and fugitive president of the country. During this time, the Saudi coalition did not achieve its goals, despite the information and military assistance provided by the United States and some Western countries, as well as the silence of international organizations, notably the United Nations and the Security Council.]]>
second Saddam Video,Video Clip,Major Case,Yemen War,Case By Country,Republic Of Yemen Yemen,war,saudi,ksa,saudi arabia http://iuvmarchive.com/en/post/second-saddam 13 November, 2018
a quintessence of hypocrisy and cynism Graphical Images,Cartoon,Major Case,Yemen War,Case By Country,Republic Of Yemen Yemen,war,genocide,ksa,saudi arabia,France,children,kill http://iuvmarchive.com/en/post/a-quintessence-of-hypocrisy-and-cynism 13 November, 2018
keep selling weapons to Saudi Arabia so they can continue to kill children in Yemen]]>
Major human rights violation in Bahrain, life imprisonment for Sheikh Ali Salman Video,Video Clip,Major Case,Bahrain's Popular Revolution,Case By Country,Kingdom Of Bahrain Regime Bahrain,Sheikh Ali Salman http://iuvmarchive.com/en/post/major-human-rights-violation-in-bahrain-life-imprisonment-for-sheikh-ali-salman 12 November, 2018
Iran’s sanctions against murder, torture and human rights abuses by Saudi Arabia Graphical Images,Cartoon,Major Case,Terrorist Groups,Case By Country,United States Of America Regime trump,usa,ksa,Jamal Khashoggi ,iran,saudi,saudi arabia,american,united states http://iuvmarchive.com/en/post/iran-s-sanctions-against-murder-torture-and-human-rights-abuses-by-saudi-arabia 12 November, 2018
Iran’s sanctions against murder, torture and human rights abuses by Saudi Arabia]]>
Let's remember trumps' terrorist activities on THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC in IRAN. Graphical Images,Poster,Major Case,Terrorist Groups,Case By Country,United States Of America Regime,Islamic Republic Of Iran iran,trump,usa,Terrorist,american,united states http://iuvmarchive.com/en/post/let-s-remember-trumps-terrorist-activities-on-the-islamic-republic-in-iran 11 November, 2018
The House of Representatives under the control of Democrats Text,Article,Case By Country,United States Of America Regime us,usa,american,united states,trump, Democrats,Economic,government http://iuvmarchive.com/en/post/the-house-of-representatives-under-the-control-of-democrats 7 November, 2018
The results of America's mid-term elections marked a severe defeat for Republican President Donald Trump. According to several American media reports, the Democrats were able to take control of the House of Representatives by defeating the Republicans in the election, which is a measure of citizens' satisfaction with the president's performance. However, the Republicans managed to retain their majority in the Senate.]]>
Trump’s strategy against Russia and China Text,Article china,russia,trump,usa,american,united states http://iuvmarchive.com/en/post/trump-s-strategy-against-russia-and-china 7 November, 2018
The war in Syria has shown that when it comes to conventional weapons, the US Armed Forces are no longer the top dog. Russia is now in control. Moscow has brought a new resource onto the war pitch: the most recent generation of hypersonic nuclear carriers. This introduction should see Russia getting ahead of the United States in nuclear warfare. Unwilling to lag behind and seeking to make up lost ground, the Pentagon intends to profit - in as much as time remains for it to do so— from its quantitative superiority, to impose its choices on Russia and China.]]>
Palestinian child's skull Video,Video Clip,Major Case,human rights,Palestinian,Case By Country,State Of Palestine palestine,quds,islam ,israel,crimes,children,kids http://iuvmarchive.com/en/post/palestinian-child-s-skull 6 November, 2018
The-Israeli-army taught me that-with a well-aimed round-❝I can blow the brains clean out of a Palestinian child's skull❞ In the army-I learned that emptying your rifle into the genitalia of a 13-year-old #Palestinian girl destroys all evidence of her gang rape]]>
Fresh sanctions roll out to "put pressure" on Tehran. THESE are the freaks they want instead. Video,Video Clip,Documentary,Major Case,Terrorist Groups mek,Terrorist,iran,american,usa,united states,sanctions http://iuvmarchive.com/en/post/fresh-sanctions-roll-out-to-put-pressure-on-tehran-these-are-the-freaks-they-want-instead 6 November, 2018
Bahrain in the shadow of the dictatorship Text,Article,Case By Country,Kingdom Of Bahrain Regime Bahrain,isa_qasem,government,al khalife http://iuvmarchive.com/en/post/bahrain-in-the-shadow-of-the-dictatorship 6 November, 2018
The appeal court of the Al-Khalifa regime in Bahrain issued a life sentence for the Secretary-General of the Islamic Conservative National Assembly (al-Wefaq).]]>
Trump’s continuous illusions in the shadow of America’s retreat from Iran sanctions Text,Article,Case By Country,United States Of America Regime trump,iran http://iuvmarchive.com/en/post/trump-s-continuous-illusions-in-the-shadow-of-america-s-retreat-from-iran-sanctions 6 November, 2018
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, at the same time as the official announcement of the return of all sanctions lifted by the nuclear deal with Iran (JCPOA) announced on Monday that eight countries could buy oil from Iran for a limited time.]]>
The way to economic boost is not relying on West, but relying on domestic capabilities Graphical Images,Cartoon,Case By Country,United States Of America Regime,Islamic Republic Of Iran iran,usa,american,united states,Economic,domestic http://iuvmarchive.com/en/post/the-way-to-economic-boost-is-not-relying-on-west-but-relying-on-domestic-capabilities 5 November, 2018
What is The Meaning of "Death to America" Chanted by Iranians? Video,Video Clip,Case By Country,United States Of America Regime usa,american,united states,iran http://iuvmarchive.com/en/post/what-is-the-meaning-of-death-to-america-chanted-by-iranians 5 November, 2018