Unrest in Iraq: UAE-engineered riots

Unrest in Iraq: UAE-engineered riots

Dec 02, 2019

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This is contrary to the basic demands of the Iraqi citizen and demonstrates the existence of foreigners hands in the recent turmoil.

The starting point for the current Iraqi protests dates back to October 1st. The protests first began with calls for fighting corruption and economic reforms and for expanding public services.

But after a while, the slogans were directed toward political demands that met a wide range of political demands; from amending the electoral law and the constitution to slashing and ousting the Iraqi prime minister. Arbaeen Hosseini’s ceremonies led to relative peace in Iraq.

On the first Friday after Arbaeen, protesters again took to the streets.

The new phase of protests, unlike previous protests, began with a very violent dimension, and while the Abdul Mahdi government has so far accepted structural and legal reform proposals and presented economic packages, but protesters continue their street violence.

This is contrary to the basic demands of the Iraqi citizen and demonstrates the existence of foreigners' hands in the recent turmoil.

In this regard, Iraqi news sources have reported the arrest of a UAE intelligence team consisting of several Lebanese and Iraqi nationals in Tahrir Square in Baghdad on charges of financial and purposeful feeding of some demonstrators.

Voice of Iraq Radio quoted Iraqi security sources as saying that the Iraqi intelligence has identified and arrested the Emirati intelligence network responsible for financing some demonstrators in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities.

The UAE intelligence team was conducting extremely dangerous activities in Iraq aimed at overthrowing the government, the Iraqi news source added.

According to the report, this intelligence team was directly linked to Tahnoun bin Zayed Al Nahyan, brother of current UAE ruler “Khalifa bin Zayed” and national security adviser and responsible for the Gulf State’s foreign affairs branch.

The intelligence crackdown is said to have triggered the Abu Dhabi sheikhs to seek to cover up the matter with the support of some Western support and justify Iraqi officials.

This intelligence team by funding the protesters was trying to lead the demonstrations to their own demands. The arrest of several dangerous elements among protesters in Tahrir Square assisted the Iraqi intelligence team to identify and arrest the UAE Intelligence Team.

Qatar’s Arabic news agency Arabi 21 also reportedly exposed Abu Dhabi’s alleged involvement in Iraq’s demonstrations, stating that with the start of the demonstrations, Abu Dhabi tried to attempt a planned coup in Iraq.

This news agency added in its report: A Political source said on condition of anonymity: Iraqi authorities arrested one of the country’s top military commanders on October 1 because of intelligence that he was involved in a possible coup and handed over to the Ministry of Defense. It is said that he had been in contact with Mohammed Dahlan, a former member of the Fatah movement and adviser to Abu Dhabi’s Prince Mohammed bin Zayed.

Meanwhile, Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq’s general secretary, Sheikh Qais al-Khazali, in an unprecedented statement has exposed the dangerous intrigue by some senior officials and senior military and security commanders in collaboration with the Zionist regime and the United Arab Emirates. Noting that the Zionist regime currently has three major bases, one in Erbil, the second in Sulaimaniyah, and the third at Baghdad International Airport, along with US forces, al-Khazali said that Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi, in cooperation with some authorities, were seeking to pull al-Hashed al-Shaabi to confront the demonstrators in order to eventually accuse these popular organizations of killing the Iraqi people.

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