Trump’s game with US national security

Trump’s game with US national security

Mar 16, 2020

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The US government has banned to release any statistics and research into the patient’s statistical results, suspects and COVID-19’s deaths at a time when Trump has appointing Mike Pence as chief of staff to fight the disease, and It has not been directly involved in managing this national crisis.

Experts believe the disease will most likely harm US citizens because of high insurance and health costs. As a preliminary test of this disease costs $ 1000 to over $ 3,000, and it’s a big expense for many American citizens.

Trump explicitly banned government officials from publishing statistics on the disease, and ordered that the disease outbreak statistics not be posted on official sites at all. In fact, Trump is playing with US national security for his electoral policies so that American citizens would not be made aware of his indifference to crisis management. Trump’s critics say the US president has spent more time golfing and tweeting than he does the presidency of the country, and this has led to increasing opposing views on Trump’s behavior.

Recently a clip from Trump has been released showing that Trump is consulting with various doctors about COVID-19. The disease that has killed several Americans and the high costs of testing and diagnosis is likely to result in more deaths in the United States that have not yet been identified. In this clip, Trump asks doctors if the flu vaccine can be used for disease and doctors says to trump “no”. He is asking this question, while two months have passed, when the first reports of the disease in China have been released on January 20, and Trump has not even read a single page about the disease and its nature and is completely unaware of the incident.

On the other hand, with the quarantine of hundreds of people in Washington state in western America, experts believe the disease is highly outbreak and that Trump is hiding it. In the meantime, the involved state Governor’s statement sparked more controversy over whether to buy a hotel or apartment for quarantine patients. The public raised strong objections to this statement and said that instead of buying a hotel, garden or a hotel for Trump, spend tax money to fight the disease.

Unfortunately, Trump’s behavior in the face of Corona is so indifferent that It is likely that Trump will exacerbate the crisis by his behavior in a wide-spread situation, and make American citizens a victim of the election 2020

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