The kind of Shia which works with the MI6 of England and the kind of Sunni which is a mercenary of the CIA of america...

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Arba'een Pilgrimage

Arba'een Pilgrimage 2

millions of shia muslims gather around the hussayn mosque in karbala after making the pilgrimage on foot during arbaeen

Be suspicious about enemy’s media campaigns

Pakistanis’ Islamic belief is stronger compared to many people in other Islamic states.

The issue of waiting

The US obligations

Thanks arbaeen hosts

the Greatest Gathering in the world.

the Greatest Gathering in the world 1

captures perfectly the hypocrisy between spilled Yemeni blood and Saudi oil.

Being with you increases our morale and spirituality.

"The lesson we learn from al-Arbaeen is the necessity of reviving the reminiscence and truth of martyrdom in the face of the enormity of the enemy’s media.

What was your attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

the Greatest Gathering in the world 2

The Brexit door

Female Pilgrims from the west | Memories from the Arbaeen Walk

arbaeen 2019


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