Poster: Why does God test us

Poster: Why does God test us

May 20, 2020

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God does not test us to see whether we pass or not. In all tests, God wants to bring forth our goodness and manifest the beauties of our soul. Each time that we fail in a test, the kind God enters from another direction so that perhaps we can be successful and make our Master proud.

What is the best way to gain a correct outlook?

Thinking about consequences regulates and corrects a person’s outlook. 

When faced with any phenomenon, ask yourself, “Then what?”

 Perspective (10)

A person who wants to have a correct #perspective should be able to think about #consequences and be far-seeing. This means he should think about far times, far results, the Hereafter and life after death.

In any #suffering, think about its end result. This thinking reduces that suffering. Similarly, after gaining any #joy or pleasure, think about its end result. This thinking reduces its sweetness and does not allow you to become drowned in it too much. 

In order to regulate your #outlook, whenever you come to face a matter, ask yourself, “Then what?” Even the pleasure and excitement, which comes from buying the best car, lasts only for a week or so. Then what?!

When you ask yourself, “Then what,” your way of looking at things that are important and enjoyable for you will change. You will become an example of this tradition, “He is pleased with that which is to last forever.” [Nahj al-Balagha, Muttaqin Sermon] You will become happy with the things, which never go away. 

Thinking about the #Hereafter and the end result of any deed gives an accurate and correct perspective to a person. People who think about consequences look at everything correctly. However, a person who does not consider the far off will analyse everything childishly. He will not have an accurate outlook about phenomena and people.  

It has been said in the traditions to recite Chapter 56, “The Great Event,” every night. This chapter takes your thinking towards the Hereafter and the end result of your life, and it corrects any inaccurate perspectives. Consequently, you become ready to see everything correctly the next day.

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