My Name Is Gaza, what if you were in my place?!

sraeli forces completely destroyed one of the most prominent cultural buildings in Gaza yesterday with more than 11 airstrikes. The five-floor building which held a theater, a library, and many other centers, was wiped off the map.

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stop the war in yemen

Lockheed Martin, the world's largest arms manufacturer, has been doing this for a LONG time.

Arab community has always been silent about crimes of #Israel...Shame on them

Rest in Peace

1050 Days from GENOCIDE!

my mother land do not distroy it

UN condemned Saudi crimes In the bombing of the bus carrying the children in yemen

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The anniversary of Naji Alali assassination.

Children are being killed in #Yemen every day .such crimes must be condemned

for what sin you are killing children in yemen

The UN, like a blind in Yemen crisis!

'' what left is thier remains"

the end of israel

US Saudi-led coalition killed more than 42 people in Yemen this week & you probably didn't hear about it.

Lets Extend our Support for the Oppressed People of Palestine against tyrant Zionist Regime Palestine will be free

Primary Statistic of The Violations and Crimes that are committed by US-UK-France-Saudi-UAE Coalition in Yemen 14-15 Sep 2018

gaza's fishermen are israel's bait


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