Increasing the number of university students and higher education institutions

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But Iran is the threat and aggressor

Persian gulf

America negotiations with the Islamic Republic of Iran means penetration.

"DEATH TO THE U.S." means death to American policies

Scientific Progress

40 years after their revolutions

JCPOA is violated if…

US deceptive involvement in nuclear talks has been intended to advance their hostile policies towards Iran.

trump and theresa may

negotiation with US on the region is pointless.

Negotiation with US is forbidden

Leader in young elites meeting: Do not be impressed by scientific and technological advancement of the West.

British marine forces illegally seized an iranian oil tanker in the strait of gibraltar.

Is Iran Really Aggressive?

This Iran is not what they want.

They do not let us find ourselves to stand on our feet and understand we exist

is she getting tired of her orange tan?

Don't go


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