got out of my land

got out of my land

Mar 13, 2018

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مطالب مشابه

مطالب بیشتر
My Name Is Gaza, what if you were in my place?!

gaza these days

What Israel is doing in 80 years, KSA did in 1200 days!


to those with hearts.. do you find the difference?

israel must be wiped away

Gaza. Featured in the shop today

zionist organization

the main most complicated issue of the islamic world today is the issue of palestine


he never became a real boy...

The Zionists, neocons and their Wahhabi friends are on a war march again

Israeli Soldier Bio

Maryam Abu Daqah Palestinian journalist, which has become a news item and information material

the end is coming

israel must disappear from the world scene

Stoning the Devil-  Hajj pilgrims 'stone the devil'  also israelian devil

israel's allies

دیدگاه ها

یک دیدگاه برای این مطلب ارسال شده است.

علی مراد خوانی

پنجشنبه 14 تیر 1397

سلام مطلب بسیار مفیدی بود ممنون از شما