do not stop yemeni children heartbeat

do not stop yemeni children heartbeat

Mar 11, 2018

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viva yemen

yemen can't wait

1200 Days Of War On Yemen

What Israel is doing in 80 years, KSA did in 1200 days!

Kids in Yemen witnessed war horror for +2 years, daily US-Saudi bombing changed their life 1200 Days Of War On Yemen

pry for yemen

Just as a reminder for Hajj

we are not protected

US-Saudi caused collapse of  Saada Health Sector, leading to malnutrition and spread of diseases


When u see the sky in Yemen

Important fact you must to know

The real time BleedingMap of the world

Mother Of All Bombs

Can Saudi regime be Custodian of  the Two Holy Mosques according to the Quranic Verses?

Essential needs,  Yemen people will be deprived of as US-Saudi coalition bomb Hudaydah Port

The American National Geographic Society: The world left Yemen to die

No to Saudi-Israeli union

دیدگاه ها

یک دیدگاه برای این مطلب ارسال شده است.

علی مراد خوانی

پنجشنبه 14 تیر 1397

سلام مطلب بسیار مفیدی بود ممنون از شما