Both are the same

Both are the same

Feb 02, 2018

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Oppression is condemned, whether inflicted upon Muslims in Iraq and Syrian, or upon African-Americans in the U.S

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Even though all lives do matter, of course, the Black lives' rights, needs, justice have been over looked

1200 Days Of War On Yemen

pry for yemen


Children suffer after 3 years of war & imposed siege on Yemen

Hundreds killed in France, England or Turkey and people go crazy about it, what about thousands killed in Yemen

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Saudi Coalition has bombed 3 children's buses in Yemen. 50 people murdered of them 29 children.

Saudi Kills Yemen Students

Saudi air strike on Yemen children

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Saudi drives Yemeni children to the US guillotine..

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You can get the EXACT meaning of today’s HumanRights

Some blood is simply "CHEAPER", less impotrtant, less human, & not as red as the other!

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where are human rights


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